Swedish Mathematical Society

The Swedish Mathematical Society

The Swedish Mathematical Society was named Svenska Matematikersamfundet. It was founded in 1950 with the first meeting taking place in June of that year. The first President of the Society was Arne Beurling.

Discussions about producing a publication were held in a meeting which took place in November 1950 when Beurling explained to members that there was a proposal to produce two new international mathematics journal published jointly by the Scandinavian mathematical societies, one a high level research journal, the other an elementary journal concerned with the teaching of mathematics. The Swedish Mathematical Society was keen to participate in this venture but, fearing that the proposals might not materialise, also made some preliminary plans to produce their own journal if necessary.

The second annual meeting of the Society took place in Lund in June 1951. Further important decisions on publishing two international Scandinavian journals were taken at that meeting. The title of Mathematica Scandinavica was chosen as the title for the high level journal by votes taken in the participating mathematical societies in January 1952. The first meeting of the editorial board was in May and the journal was first published in 1953. Although negotiations for the joint publication of Nordisk Matematisk Tidskrift took a little longer to finalise, it first appeared in 1953.

Ake Pleijel became the second President of the Swedish Mathematical Society, holding this position from 1952 to 1957.

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