Society of Mathematicians and Physicists of Serbia

The Society of Mathematicians and Physicists of Serbia

The Society of Mathematicians and Physicists of Serbia was founded on 1 March 1948 when Tadija Pejovic, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Belgrade, was elected as the first President. When the Society was founded in 1948 Serbia was part of Yugoslavia, as it had essentially been since 1919 when the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes was formed. Following the German invasion in 1941, Serbia was partitioned between Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Italy but, following World War II, Serbia became part of the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia.

Pejovic was President of the Society from 1948 to 1952 and during that time the Society held regular meetings, began to publish journals, opened branches, and worked to promote mathematics at secondary school level. Mathematics competitions for secondary school pupils began to be held in the 1950s with the first in Belgrade being in 1958. Primary school mathematics competitions were organised from 1967. The Society is involved with working with talented young mathematicians, developing their skills to compete in Olympiad, and other, mathematics competitions. In particular summer and winter schools are organised.

Other activities of the Society include the joint organisation of the Yugoslav Congress of Mathematicians which was first held in 1949. It also runs an annual seminar every January on teaching mathematics at primary school level, secondary school level, and at college and university level.

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