Ramanujan Mathematical Society

The Ramanujan Mathematical Society

In December 1984 the Indian Mathematical Society met at Sardar Vallabhai Patel University, Gujarat. Professor K S Padmanabhan (Chennai), Professor R Balakrishanan (Tiruchirappalli) and Professor E Sampathkumar (Dharwad) held a discussion over a lunch break at the conference and decided that they wished to publish a new international mathematics journal. To support the journal they proposed that a Mathematical Society be founded and their initial estimates were that if they could interest around 300 mathematicians to become life members they would have the necessary backing for their proposed journal. They decided on the name: Ramanujan Mathematical Society.

A founding meeting for the Ramanujan Mathematical Society was held on 30 June 1985 at the National College at Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, where Professor Balakrishnan was Head of Mathematics. The meeting elected Professor G Sankaranarayanan of Annamalai University as President of the Society. Other officers of the Society were elected and an editor-in-chief for the journal appointed. The Society was formally registered at Tiruchirappalli and began operating from 1 July 1985.

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