Mexican Mathematical Society

The Mexican Mathematical Society

The setting up of the Mexican Mathematical Society was proposed at the First National Congress of Mathematics in Saltillo, Coahuila, which was held 1 - 7 November 1942. It was officially founded on 30 June 1943 for a period of 50 years and, on 1 July 1993, this was extended by a further period of 50 years.

The aims of the Society include:-

To promote the understanding of mathematics and to spread mathematical knowledge by means of publications and conferences.

To stimulate and to maintain interest in mathematical investigation in Mexico, and to give investigators all possible facilities and support.

To attempt to obtain the cooperation of all professors and intellectuals interested in the study of exact sciences and disciplines related to them, such as physics, astrophysics, astronomy, etc.

To contribute to the improvement of mathematical education in the Mexican Republic, equally in elementary schools, secondary schools and universities.

To publish scientific journals such as the Bulletin of the Mexican Mathematical Society and Miscelánea Matemática. To publish monographs and proceedings of conferences.

To organize matematics conferences, meetings, and congresses.

To cooperate in solving mathematical problems that arise during investigations of other sciences.

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