Irish Mathematical Society

The Irish Mathematical Society

The Irish Mathematical Society (Cumann Matamaitice na héireann) came into being on 14 April 1976 when a constitution, based on that of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, was accepted by a meeting held in Trinity College Dublin following a symposium organised by the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. It had been at the December symposium of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies in the previous year that a meeting had been held which had agreed to the setting up of an Irish Mathematical Society and three mathematicians, D McQuillan, J T Lewis and T West, had been appointed to draw up the draft constitution which was approved in the following April.

The Society was set up with the aim of furthering mathematics and its applications, and mathematical research in Ireland. The Society publishes the Bulletin of the Irish Mathematical Society which appears twice a year. It is intended to inform members about the activities of the Society and to present items of general mathematical interest. An annual conference is organised which covers current research across the whole of mathematics as well as topics relating to mathematical educational.

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