Indian Mathematical Society

The Indian Mathematical Society

The Indian Mathematical Society was founded in April 1907 by V Ramaswami Aiyar with Twenty Foundation Members and with its head-quarters at Pune.

The founding members are listed at

Initially the Society started its activities under the name 'Analytic Club' which was soon changed to the 'Indian Mathematical Club'. In 1910, when the revised rules and constitution were adopted, the Society acquired its present name, the 'Indian Mathematical Society'. The first president of the Society who saw it through all these initial stages was B Hanumantha Rao.

The Society aims at promoting the 'Cause of Mathematics' at all levels. Its central activity is to inspire and encourage researchers, educationists, students and all people who love mathematics.

The first conference of the Society was held at Madras in 1916. The second conference was held at Bombay in 1919. From that time on, a conference was held every two years until 1951 when it was decided to hold the conferences annually. The Twenty Fifth conference of the Society, which was held at Allahabad in 1951, was inaugurated by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime minister of India.

Below is a complete list of the presidents of the Society.

1907-12 B Hanumantha Rao
1912-15 R N Apte
1915-15 E W Middlemast
1915-17 R Ramachandra Rao
1917-21 A C L Wilkinson
1921-26 H Balakram
1926-30 V Ramaswamy Aiyer
1930-32 M T Naraniengar
1932-34 P V Sheshu Iyer
1934-36 H G Gharpure
1936-40 R P Paranjape
1940-42 R Vaidyanathswam
1942-47 F W Levy
1947-49 M R Siddiqui
1949-51 A Narasinga Rao
1951-53 T Vijayraghavan
1953-57 Ram Behar
1957-59 V Ganapathy Iyer
1959-60 B S Madhav Rao
1960-61 B N Prasad
1961-62 B S Madhav Rao
1962-63 C N Srinivasienger
1963-64 Hansaraj Gupta
1964-66 P L Bhatanagar
1966-68 R S Verma
1968-69 P L Bhatanagar
1969-70 R P Bambah
1970-71 M Venkatraman
1971-73 J N Kapoor
1973-74 K G Ramanathan
1974-75 V Krishnamurthy
1975-77 P C Vaidya
1977-79 U N Singh
1979-81 K Venkatchelienger
1981-82 V V Naralikar
1982-84 R S Mishra
1984-85 R P Agarwal
1985-86 S D Chopra
1986-87 H C Khare
1987-88 V Singh
1988-89 M K Singal
1989-90 M P Singh
1990-91 V M Shah
1991-92 D K Sinha
1992-93 V Kannan
1993-94 U P Singh
1994-95 H P Dixit
1995-96 N K Thakare
1996-97 S Bhargava
1997-98 A R Singal
1998-99 B K Lahiri
1999-00 A S Gupta
2000-01 Satya Deo
2001-02 P V Arunachalam
2002-03 M A Pathan
2003-04 T Parthasarathy
2004-05 T Thrivikraman
2005-06 Sarvajit Singh
2006-07 I B S Passi
2007-08 R B Bapat
2008-09 A K Agarwal
2009-10 Peeyush Chandra
2010-11 R. Sridharan
2011-12 P K Banerji
2012-13 Huzoor H Khan
2013-14 Geetha S Rao

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