Argentina Mathematical Union

The Argentina Mathematical Union

The Argentina Mathematical Union was founded in 1936 for:-

... the diffusion and education of mathematics in Argentina.

The Union publishes the Magazine of the Mathematical Union Argentina which, in 1945, also became the journal for the Physical Association of Argentina. In the first issue they set out the aims of the Argentina Mathematical Union:-

This Union sets out to foster the evident progress of mathematical investigation in Argentina, by means of scientific meetings, support, etc. and to coordinate the work of diverse groups of scholars who in this country study higher mathematics, and of the dispersed investigators in the Latin nations of America. The increasing production of mathematics by all of them, indicates the purpose of publishing a magazine - that will be the organ of the new organization exclusively devoted to works of higher mathematics and theoretical physics... The enthusiastic support for the initiative on the part of Argentinean mathematicians and the valuable contributions that are arriving from other countries, confirm our faith and stimulate us to devote all our efforts so that our work is fertile and lasting.

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