Leslie Saunders Mac Lane

1909 - 2005

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Saunders Mac Lane was an American mathematician who worked in cohomology and category theory, but who is best known for the algebra book he wrote with Garrett Birkhoff.
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  1. A Survey of Modern Algebra, by Birkhoff and Mac Lane
  2. Saunders Mac Lane's books
  3. Obituary: University of Chicago News

Honours awarded to Saunders Mac Lane
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MAA Chauvenet Prize winner1941
AMS Colloquium Lecturer1963
American Maths Society President1973 - 1974
AMS Steele Prize1986
Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

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  1. AMS (The AMS article by Mac Lane about Mathematics at Göttingen under the Nazis)
  2. Mathematical Genealogy Project

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