EMS Honorary Members

Edinburgh Mathematical Society - Honorary Members

The list given is of Honorary Members of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society. The list also gives the date of their election to honorary membership.

1883 Peter G Tait

1883 George Chrystal

1883 William Thomson

1883 Charles Niven

1894 John Sturgeon Mackay

1902 William Jack

1902 George Alexander Gibson

1908 Alfred G Greenhill

1912 Robert Franklin Muirhead

1915 Charles Tweedie

1923 James Bolam

1926 Henry F Baker

1926 George D Birkhoff

1930 Tullio Levi-Civita

1930 Herbert W Richmond

1933 D'Arcy Thompson

1935 Ellice Martin Horsburgh

1937 Edmund T Whittaker

1938 René M Fréchet

1946 Joseph H M Wedderburn

1954 Luitzen E J Brouwer

1954 William V Hodge

1954 Herbert W Turnbull

1959 Harold S M Coxeter

1967 Alexander C Aitken

1979 Edward T Copson

1979 Michael F Atiyah

1983 William L Edge

1990 Robert Alexander Rankin

2008 John M Ball,   James D Murray

2010 Friedrich Hirzebruch

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